The New 2023 Series 8 Ultra+ Premium SmartWatch

Meet the most rugged and capable Smart Watch ever. With a robust titanium case, precision dual-frequency GPS, up to 36 hours of battery life. That Would Make Complete Strangers Walk Up To You And Say Nice Watch…

The first of its kind large screen 2023 series 8 smart watch ultra. This watch gives you all the features you would ever want from a smart watch and more.  It has a wider HD screen, great battery life and perfect functionality.




Bigger and Fuller Screen.

This is the first of its kind with a 2.16-inch dazzling large screen, 420×486 high-definition resolution, the screen is centered and the visual experience is more comfortable. 

Whether it is time display or information reception, the HD screen makes  it is clear and smooth, vivid and delicate. More dial selection functions, let it become a personality display on your wrist.

Health Monitoring.

It comes with a built-in GPS and cellular connectivity, making it perfect for tracking outdoor activities like running, hiking, or cycling.

And with its advanced health tracking features, you can monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, sleep patterns

Built-in high-precision heart rate sensor, the measurement results are very accurate. Measure your heart rate anytime, anywhere to prevent potential heart problem.

It helps you keep track of your steps and exercises. You can calculate the calories expended during workouts.

Waterproof and Dustproof

Waterproof and dustproof allow the watch to be used normally when washing your hands and in rainy days without fear of wind and rain, making it durable for any outdoor activity.

*Note: Please be careful to avoid corrosive liquids like hand sanitizer, soap ‘enter the watch and cause component damage.

Strong Battery Life

Newly upgraded power consumption optimization, get rid of power anxiety so you can enjoy uninterrupted usage throughout your day


Wireless charging is more comfortable, advanced low-power chips, in-depth power management and optimization at the bottom, make the watch have a long-lasting battery life, allowing you to wear it without worry.

Easy to Connect To Any Phone

You can easily pair it to your phone, whether you use Android or iPhone to help you stay connected so you’ll never miss out on important updates as it comes with features like call and message notifications, social media updates, and email alerts

In fact, you can make and receive calls and reply to messages directly from your watch.

From your watch, you can control your phone, play music, take pictures and many more. 


1 piece is ₦‎32,000

Instead of ₦45,000


2 pieces is ₦‎52,000

Instead of ₦64,000


We are currently running a PROMO, so if you order right away, you will get FREE delivery charge, a free Airpod worth over ₦10,000 and an extra watch strap worth ₦3,000 all for FREE


1 Ultra Series 8 Smart Watch and 1 Airpod and An Extra Strap all for ₦‎32,000 only


Do not take my words for it, get yours now and join the long list of our satisfied customers

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