Why Lasting Longer in Bed Is Critical to Your Sex Life
From a 2007 survey by Fox News health contributor Keith Ablow surveyed, 80 percent of women wanted sex to last half an hour.
Just about every man, regardless of size, race, relationship status, or even frequency of sex, wants to last longer in bed.
Longer-lasting sex typically results in more orgasms and generally more sexual satisfaction for both partners.  
So how do you do it?  
Intercourse Brings Men to Orgasm Fast
Most women desire to have the most pleasure during intercourse
Unfortunately, most men can not help them acheive that due to premature ejaculation
A rapid increase in penile stimulation from intercourse will bring most men to orgasm in just a few minutes.  
Fortunately for you, sex therapists have discovered four effective   techniques that all men can easily do to help them last an extra 28 minutes in bed.      
After much research by top sex therapists and urologists, here are the four effective methods;
1. More foreplay:  A slow build-up of stimulation will allow you to last longer. And that starts with foreplay.
By starting with various forms of foreplay, your allowing your penis to adapt to a slow increase in stimulation, so when it’s time for intercourse, your penis is going from 45 to 60, not from zero to 60.
2. Start / Stop Method:  Most men know this one without having to read about.  You get close to having orgasm and you stop to recover.
The mistake the most men make, however, is that they wait until they’re almost to ejaculation before stopping intercourse.
The problem is that the closer you are to orgasm when you stop, the smaller the amount of stimulation needed upon starting again to orgasm. 
So, the key is to stop, then start in a planned way. You’ll probably find that, with each start/stop cycle, you’ll spend less time in the “stop” period and more time in the “start” period.  
3. Squeeze Technique: From a pleasure point of view, this is our least favorite.
However, it is very effective. And it’s exactly as the name implies. As you get closer to orgasm, have your partner squeeze your penis along the shaft until your desire to ejaculate goes away.
The fourth method is 100% and highly recommended for those that want instant result
It has worked for over 184 men and counting and is guaranteed to work for you too
                   Click  HERE to see the method  

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