Are you Desperate To Get Rid Of Your Embarrassing Flat/Saggy Breast Now And You Wants To Make It  Bigger And Firmer But Find It Impossible??

Then Jane's story and what worked for her and plenty others will encourage you... as you are about to find out how you can change all of that once and for all... using a 100% natural and FDA approved solution


Read Jane's Story......

"My Breast Was Freaking Small and Flat... Was Nicknamed Girl-boy... I Secretly Took All Sorts of Pills That Never Worked... I Lost Hope in Everything... Until I Ran Into This Natural FDA Approved No Side Effect Solution That Helped Me Increase My Breast to an Enviable Size in a Short Time" .

That was her case some few months ago...

As much as we hate to admit it, the nature and size of breast is important in our culture. Clothe makers have the curvy and busty women on top of their list, before making for small breasted ones like us.

..... Men are instinctively attracted to Firm and large breasted women. This is simply the reality of the world we live in.

So if you want a 100% natural, no side effects solution to make that saggy or small breast permanently bigger and firmer in few weeks... 

........Grab this opportunity and join Ronke and many other and share your testimony


Breast Up is the combination of two effective breast enlarmgement products from Thailand (both pills and cream) which enhances your breast from the inside out giving you that perfect result. It is made from  herbal extracts which makes it safe for human consumption.

Here is the Breast Up Solution I'm Talking About....

No 1: Bikini Boomz Capsule


Bikinii Boomz is a dietary supplement which is developed for today’s demanding and critical women. The substance composition is a well-balanced combination of natural and herbal ingredients.

In Asia and Thailand in particular, Bikinii Boomz is a true best seller. These capsules are replenishment on the daily diet for women who aim for increase the size of their breast and firm up saggy breast. 1 pack contains 10 capsules.


Bikinii Boomz is a genuine product which is approved by the Food and Drug Administration in Thailand. The benefits of the ingredients are results of free available scientific studies and researches.


It works from the inside by stimulation your body to produce breast tissues necessary for increasing breast size and firming up saggy breast. 

Bikinii Boomz over the years has lived up to its claims and it is very common among Asian women.



  • Natural breast enhancement Capsule

  • Result is permanent, after you stop taking it won’t return to its original size.

  • Results can be seen in 5-10 days

  • Thailand’s Best Seller THAI FDA APPROVED

  • 1 pack contains 10 capsules



  • Take 1 capsules with warm water before sleep each night 

  • For Faster results, in 10 days take 2 times a day on empty stomach. 

  • Before breakfast and before bedtime with warm water

  • If you wish to continue after 10 days take it 1 per day until satisfied.

  • Recommended 2-6 boxes for Best results 


No 2: Bella Breast Enhancement Cream

Bella cream is a breast enhancement cream and it is made from natural herbal ingridients.

unlike most creams that add only Pueraria Mirifica this cream steps it up a notch and also add many more growing and firming ingredients.

How To Use

Apply a suitable amount of cream on your palm, with your warm hand, massage it around your breast in a circular motion until the cream is fully absorbed. Apply it twice per day for better result.
Some people will have the feeling of warm and "itchy" after applying, it is normal as Kigeline is functioning

Correct Massage Techniques:
Step 1: Spread the cream to the breast/butt all around, but avoid contacting the nipple.
Step 2: Slightly bend down the body, both hands pat the breast base, and upwardly pushes 10 times of each.
Step 3: Push from the armpit to the cleavage 10 times of each.
Step 4: With the middle finger and the ring finger, pulls several times of the chest ligament, is helpful to strength the breast and enhancement.



1) During the first week of using, massage twice a day in the morning and at night.

2) It is more effective to use the cream after taking a bath.
3) When your bust becomes fuller, remember to wear bras that fit and massage your bust every day.

How does it work?

Breast Up contains pure herbal extract which stimulates your body naturally to promote the growth of new breast tissues which results to increase and firming of the breast.


What are the benefits taking Breast Up? 

Women using Breast Up experience amazing improvements in both the firmness and fullness of the breast.

You may need to buy a bigger bra.......


Does Breast Up have any Side effects?

Breast Up is totally safe, because it contains 100% pure herbal extracts, Absolutely no side effects


When will i start seeing results?

Results will vary due to differences in metabolic rate and body chemisty. However, you should start seeing result from 5-10 Days

NOTE: The effectiveness of this product will still vary, it will depend on how your body will react. But this is proven to be safe and effective.



  • This pill should not be taken by women under the age of 18 and should not be taken by pregnant, nursing or breastfeeding women.

  • While taking this pills, avoid the following food; Pineapple, watermelon, fish without scales. Pickled radish and any weight loss pills. These foods will lower the efficiency of the pills. 


The "Breast Up Solution" is NOT one of those overnight “Miracle Products” you find out there... We have to be honest with you... if you truly want to get results that will be permanent – and you want a proven, quality way to achieve that, continue..


Here's How To Get The Product And Pay After It Has
Been Delivered To You.

(We do cash on delivery to every location in Nigeria)

     1 Set (1 Packet of Bikini Boomz + 1 Tube of Bella Cream)

= ₦13,000 

NOTE: You need 2 Sets for Better Result!

100% safe, no side effect... and gives a lasting result.

How To Place Order.....

(There are 2 Options Available ) 

OPTION #1: Place your order via whatsapp or sms

Quickly send us the following details via Whatsapp or as text message to 09070680400 

•Your full names,

•Your full address and;

•Phone numbers (if you have more than one, better)

•The item you're going for (whether one or two) 

OPTION #2:  Fill out the form below and click on 'Submit Order'

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Once we receive your details, one of our agents will contact you, and thereafter dispatch your order.
It takes 2 working days or less to deliver within Lagos and 3-6 working days outside Lagos....    And pay the dispatch rider upon delivery. 

We are very active on WHATSAPP, you can chat us up with your enquiries and orders for fast response 

09070680400 or send an email to: 

We also sale in large quantites at discounted prices

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