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I'm Michael and I have an embarrassing and painful story to share with you today and I think you can relate to this...


It's about "31 SECONDS"

That’s how long it took me to ruin yet another relationship with a beautiful woman.


The most frustrating experiences men could ever have is having a small penis... and not lasting long in bed.


After weeks of flirting, we were finally in bed together... but instead of having passionate, satisfying sex, I came after just 31 seconds, leaving her disappointed and frustrated


For me, small penis and premature ejaculation wasn’t just an embarrassment: it was ruining my chances at ever satisfying a woman and having the life I deserved.


And it’s even worse when a girl is nice enough to stay with you... because you know she’s never truly happy, and you always have to wonder if she’s getting satisfied by someone else...


After doing a ton of research, I finally have the answer I was looking for, and it completely changed my story.


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I can go at it for half an hour, without having an embarrassingly fast orgasm.


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It may have started when you were a teenager or just a few months ago.

But No Matter the cause, I Believe You Can Fix It! With the method I discovered.


It took just 31 seconds of sex for women to discover what a pathetic man I really was.


But I’m not the only one.


In fact, I was shocked when I found out that up to 40% of men experience issues with premature ejaculation.

YES 40%!


Anyway, once I realized that every sexual relationship I would ever have was doomed to a 31 second lifespan, I decided to find a real solution for myself.


It took 8 weeks of intensive research and trial and errors to discover a safe and permanent cure.


The same answer that 40% of guys are dying to learn.


The same answer that I have introduced to over 97 men and has changed their sex life for the better


Of all the guys I have helped solve their premature ejaculation and small manhood problem,

 Daniel’s story touched me the most.


 “My wife cheated on me.”


…he said, breaking down in tears.


I was hanging out with Daniel an old college buddy of mine when he told me this news.


Needless to say, I was shocked.


“What happened? You guys seemed like such a perfect couple. What went wrong?”


Sniffling, he started to open up to me.


It turns out that he has not only been struggling with premature ejaculation but also small penis for the last couple of years.


It got so bad that he couldn’t last longer than 1 minutes in bed... and usually he’d be lucky to manage even that long.


At first, his wife was supportive and she tried to understand.


But, as months went by, her understanding turned first into frustration… then into seething resentment... until finally she snapped and decided to find someone who could satisfy her properly.


This happened a week ago.


Now, he was freaking out and worried that his wife was going to divorce him and take the kids away.


His entire life was unravelling before his very eyes... just because he couldn’t last long enough in bed.


This one tiny problem was what was causing all of his pain and suffering.


With tears rolling down his cheeks, he asked me:


“Can you help me, Mike?


After I introduced him to my 2 in one solution, his sex life changed.


He went from lasting just 1 minutes to 30 minutes and more..




So by now you’re probably wondering, what’s the answer?


What’s the solution that took me from a 31 seconds sprint to over a half-hour marathon?




Here Are The 2-in-1 Solution

I'm Talking About



#1. The first one is the no-side-effect enlargement device.

Here's what it looks like


Cost GHS 170 flat

Instead of GHS 195


With this simple device, I was able to increase the size of my dick from 3.7 inches to      7.2 inches in just few weeks. 

It is totally safe. It is used in more developed countries like USA, UK etc.


Not only is it a highly recommended simple, effective way of enhancing the size of your penis in both length and girth but it can also help men to greatly enhance their performance.


It will give you the confidence you've always dreamed about without any harmful side effects.


How it Works

Handsome Up Pump uses air vacuum technology to increase the size of our penis. Once you have inserted your penis into the cylinder, you then pump air using the bulb until air is pulled out of the cylinder. This then creates a vacuum, which draws more blood to the penis  tissues resulting in permanent penis growth over time.


Easy to use and you will be amazed by the result just like i was





#2. The other one is the SAMSU SEX DELAY OIL (Works like magic)

Cost only GHS 90 for one bottle
 GHS 150 for two bottles



Samsu is a topical medication for men strong and resistant, liquid (oil) serves to reduce the level of sensitivity of the nerves of the penis so as to overcome the problem of premature ejaculation and prolong your sexual power.

·        A bottle can last you up to fourteen times of use. That gives you an idea of what a drop is in terms of quantity.

·        To get out a drop, simply turn the opening of the bottle against the tip of your finger.

·        Start with just about 4 drops on the cap of your penis. You can stroke the liquid around the other skin part but not the sack / scrotum. I repeat not the sack

·        You apply it 30 minutes before the action. You can wash it off after 15 minutes of application to reduce the tingling sensation that is felt shortly after application.

·        The tingling sensation feels like you applied mentholated solutions. Don’t worry about it. It’s harmless and shows the active ingredients are working.

·        Washing off will not reduce the efficacy. Not even a bath will. You may or may not wash off. But it’s advised you wash off, especially if BJ is part of your lovemaking routine.

·        For best results, you can have a clean bath or wash the penis clean before applying it on it.

·        While the product isn’t toxic, it’s not edible and is for external use only

Apart from the tingling sensation (which fizzles out upon washing off), there is  absolutely no side effect from the use of the product.

You start to see tangible results once you start using this Natural 2in1 Solution (Enlargement device and Samsi Oil),



See Real Testimony from Real People



This No side Effect Solution Already Helped over 97 Men To Last Longer, Correct Penis weakness, & Increase Their Penis Size.

I know you will want to get this 2 in 1 GUARANTEED solution to put an end to your bedroom problem. For that I have decided to make it even more affordable for you


So if you order the 2 in 1 Solution between now and  , , you will get it at a discounted price of GHS 200

 instead of the normal GHS 250

(That is an extra discount of GHS 50)

That is considerate and reasonable enough

compared to what you stand to achieve.




How To Order


 Cash on delivery - CoD

 ....you can simply order for the solutions and pay on delivery.

Of course, we won't be daring this method if we're not sure of the efficacy of the solution we bring you.

To use the cash on delivery option, do send us the following details to our phone number 0558274616 via Whatsapp or to our email fitstall@gmail.com

• Your full names,
• Your well detailed address (not P.O.Box) and;
• Your Phone numbers... send 2 if you have.
• The item you're going for
(If you want both product, kindly specify too).



Once we receive your details confirm it, .. our partner courier company will bring the item(s) to your address in 3 - 6 business days.

Don't worry, the solution will be so packaged in such a way that no person knows what's inside, except you :)


Now the BIG question is......

Do you want to be a confident, long-lasting sex god who who can please any woman and keep her satisfied?


Or do you want tomorrow to be exactly like the day before?


The choice is yours


But if you ask me, the answer is pretty obvious.


I’ll take my confident sex life over the alternative any day!


 Not only did I say goodbye to my Premature ejaculation, but I was able to get big size manhood


Lasting as long as I wanted to during sex, which was a feeling I had never experienced. 


- Michael

Your Hommie :)

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